24 hours service

Tristan Marine - Compass Adjustment assigns qualified Compass Adjusters, sworn in by the Dutch shipping inspectorate on the basis of a 24 hour service. We provide our compass adjustment services in all major Ports of the Netherlands including Antwerp. We assign our adjusters upon request and anywhere in the world for ; ship trials, mobilizations and total fleet compensations.

Booking service

Our online booking service provides a user friendly platform that enables you to request for, and book your adjustments in a simple and efficient manner. You enter the IMO number and all relevant ship particulars ;berth, ETD, ETS, (port) agent, owner, manager and the important final pilot call are automatically provided and refreshed every 30 minutes into your booking details.

Qualified Adjusters

Our workforce consists of Compass Adjusters that are fully  trained and schooled in the Compendium Compass Theory. The majority of our adjusters are sworn in by the Dutch inspectorate. With our proven professionalism and over 10 years of experience we dare to state that adjusting a magnetic compass doesn't hold any secrets for us.